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Samantha Walk
Board Member

Samantha has been active in human services/mental health for 7 years. Samantha was in foster care from the ages 10 – 18 and foster after care from 18-21. Samantha attended college while being a full time mom. Samantha currently has a degree in human services and has completed several trainings including Trauma Informed Care, Crisis Intervention, Mental Health First Aid, Working with LGBTQ+ - Identified Individuals, Working with Families with Living with Substance Abuse Disorder, and Families First.

Samantha completed their internship at Children’s Square. During their internship they worked in Children’s Square Shelter, Academic Center, PMIC, and Integrated Health Home. Samantha currently works at Children’s Square as a Family Support Specialist. Samantha has volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and in suicide prevention. Samantha is currently an advocate for mental health and LGBTQIA+. In their spare time they enjoy hiking, spending time with their family, and herping (finding reptiles and photograpghing them). 

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