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Supporting Families Who Support Families

We are a non-profit organization supporting foster and adoptive families by providing family strengthening events and care programs to encourage true, honest, and happy smiles in children.


Help Share My Smile meet our Year-End fundraising goal of $10,000!  Imagine the impact you can make to over 500 children!  Click the pic to donate.

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Children in foster care move an average of 7-13 times before the age of 18.


Share My Smile offers programs and family events to help support these transitions.

Family strengthening events and outings exclusive to foster and adoptive families we serve.

Providing annual holiday support to our families including holiday events and gift program, The Giving Tree.

All Share My Smile children receive a birthday card and additional services for foster youth to celebrate their birthdays.

Provides backpacks for foster children filled with necessities and care items to call their own when they enter a new placement. 


Share My Smile

A Family-Friendly Name with a Powerful Meaning

Every day people put on a 'Brave Face', a mask to hide behind, to pretend that they are okay. This mask is not a deception, but rather a shield. People learn this behavior through a series of events in their life. These individuals have this mask for protection, one that keeps them guarded against letting others know how they really feel, from getting too close. One that says, "I am fine." Utilizing this mask of protection, this defense mechanism, becomes an unfortunate reality for many youths in foster care. 

Share My Smile is the smile underneath the mask, the one that is sometimes or often buried underneath a large pile of "I am fine.", only to be uncovered when the individual feels safe enough to remove their mask. We, as an organization, want to take the time to build that trust with the parents and children we serve to be a part of helping that child openly and freely share their true, honest, and happy smile with others and enjoy what our programs and our community has to offer.

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